Lambo man back at Hyundai

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One of the world's most influential car designers, Luc Donckerwolke, has rejoined his former employer, Hyundai, after a 7-month break, but the Belgian will now be based in Europe.

Donckerwolke, who resigned as the Korean automotive group's global design chief in April, is now back at Hyundai. The 55-year old Belgian is regarded as one of the greatest living car designers, with an incredible portfolio of vehicles to his name. 

Best known for his work at Lamborghini, where Donckerwolke was responsible for both the Murciélago and Gallardo; he had been with Hyundai since 2016.

Recruited to replace Peter Schreyer as global design chief at Hyundai and Kia, Donckerwolke’s influence on the current production vehicles from both Korean brands, has been immense.

Despite success coming easily to him in his position as chief designer for Korea's most powerful automotive brands, Donckerwolke inexplicably resigned his position earlier this year.

It is entirely possible that the punishing travel schedule between Europe and Korea, has finally triggered the decision by Donckerwolke, to reduce the logistical burden of his professional life.

Realising his value, Hyundai has now created a new position for Donckerwolke, allowing him to be based in Europe.

His new title is that of chief creative officer and the primary responsibility for Donckerwolke will henceforth be the development of Hyundai’s Genesis luxury brand, and the Ioniq electric vehicle product portfolio.

The most significant change for Donckerwolke, in rejoining Hyundai, is that his new office will be German domiciled, at the company’s technical design centre, in Rüsselsheim.

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