Hyundai Loses Design Boss


Hyundai’s design boss is leaving the company.

Belgian car design superstar, Luc Donckerwolke, has announced that he is leaving the Korean automotive giant, for ‘personal reasons.’

Donckerwolke has a formidable reputation in vehicle design. Some of the most notable supercars in memory were created from his imagination, including the Lamborghini Diablo VT, Gallardo and Murcielago.

Present at Hyundai’s design studio since 2015, Donckerwolke was promoted to head of design in late 2018. His influence has been clear.

Donckerwolke has seen Hyundai’s design appeal notably increase over the last few years. Some of the products which Donckerwolke exercised a direct influence upon are the Kona and Palisade.

With his vast experience at Lamborghini, it is unsurprising that Donckerwolke wished to increase Hyundai’s profile in the premium end of the market. The result of this is clear with the resurgence of Hyundai’s Genesis sub-brand, with the new G80, G90 and GV80.

Donckerwolke’s resignation will come as a blow to Hyundai, where his impact has inarguably been positive, but the Korean company is regarded as a desirable employer for talented designers and engineers - especially German ones such as Peter Schreyer and Albert Biermann to name a few.

Although Hyundai has not announced a succession candidate for Donckerwolke’s position, there are sure to many applicants.

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