More potent Toyota Prado in the works

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Kakadu Horizon

Welcome engine upgrade for the J150-series. 

Reports from Australia indicate that Toyota is set to soon do the obvious and boost engine performance relating to its Prado turbodiesels.

With both Hilux and Fortuner having shown updated designs and an evolved version of the 2.8 GD engine, it would be unusual for Toyota not to apply those powertrain changes to Prado.

The baby Land Cruiser is certainly due for another specification upgrade, which will give the J150 Prado a little bit more time in the market. It is amazing that Toyota’s fourth-generation Prado was launched in 2009 and continues to sell strongly in markets where customers demand a rugged luxury SUV with proven durability.

Engine performance has been a Prado weakness over the last few years as most rivals have introduced more sophisticated and powerful engine options.

Although the 120 kW version of Toyota’s 2.8-litre turbodiesel is wonderfully usable at crawling speeds, when navigating technical off-road terrain it is simply underpowered to roll the Prado along at reasonable inter-provincial cruising speeds.

By upgrading the engine to 150 kW and 500 Nm, Toyota will deliver that missing element of dynamic driving ability to its customers.

It is unclear what the global deployment schedule for this Prado engine upgrade will be, but giving the compact Land Cruiser more power and torque should ensure a surge in demand.

South African customers, who use their Prados both as urban family vehicles and as off-road touring 4x4s, will be mighty keen on a more potent Prado.

Toyota South Africa has confirmed that the 2.8 will be added to the Prado range, however, due to the impact of COVID19 the timing of its arrival is unconfirmed.

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