Do you suffer from anti-stationwagonism?

South African motorists seem to be suffering from a curious condition. The origins of the condition are the subject of debate among experts but the symptoms seem universal: South Africans just don't like station wagons.

This is in stark contrast to motorists in Europe who have a long and enduring love affair with what many in the industry agree are practical, stylish vehicles.

We've termed the condition "anti-stationwagonism" and in this special report by our intrepid reporter Ciro De Siena, we speak to a pro-estate car journalist in a bid to better understand the condition, and we found a local station wagon owner who was willing to share his experience with us.

The vehicle we've chosen as a case study for this report is the Subaru Levorg. While the model isn't yet on sale in South Africa, a facelifted model will reach local showrooms in 2018.

If you know someone suffering from anti-stationwagonism, or you're experiencing any symptoms yourself, please leave a comment below and we'll do our best to assist you.

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