#CarsRaceDay winners list + McLaren 570S lap

This is the last video in our 2017 #CarsRaceDay series. In one of our most ambitious video projects yet, we worked with the city of Cape Town to close an incredible road in the farmlands beyond the city. It's always been one of our favourite pieces of tarmac to test cars and now we had it all to ourselves. 

We lined up 8 high-performance cars, fired up our race-ace Ashley Oldfield and staged 3 races.

For a recap of the 1st race, watch (and read!): Fiesta ST200 vs Renault Clio RS Lux.

For a recap of the 2nd race, watch: Volkswagen Golf 7.5 GTI vs Toyota 86.

For a recap of the 3rd race, watch: BMW M240i with M Performance Parts vs Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport vs Aston Martin Vantage N430

In this video, we review the #CarsRaceDay lap-time leaderboard and Ashley reveals, in ascending order, his favourite driver’s cars out of the 8 contenders that he spurred up the hill. Then, he gathers together all of his (considerable) driving skill to set a blistering time in the McLaren 570S, which promptly proved why supercars are in another league to (otherwise fast) road cars...

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