McLaren 570S Spider (2107) Launch Review Video

McLaren recently took over the sun-soaked town of Barcelona, Spain to stage the launch of its latest creation, the 570S Spider – and we were there to drive it!

The Spider was designed alongside the (MP4-12C) coupe back in 2012 and thanks to the incredibly strong carbon-fibre tub holding the car together, the car didn't require any changes to be made to the chassis, as is normally the case when lopping the roof off a car.

The roof mechanism has added just 46 kg to the 570S, and performance figures remain virtually identical to the coupe's. Interestingly, nobody from McLaren mentioned the price over the course of the weekend. And with the exchange rate being rather volatile in contemporary South Africa, it's impossible to predict local pricing... you'll just have to get hold of your local McLaren dealer.

In this video, we take the new Spider for a long run through the beautiful Spanish countryside, and in the process does his best to tell us what it's like. To be honest, it's more of an experience than a drive...

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