Hillclimb Shootout: Volkswagen Golf GTI vs Toyota 86

In one of our most ambitious video projects yet, we worked with the city of Cape Town to close an incredible road in the farmlands beyond the city. It's always been one of our favourite pieces of tarmac to test cars and now we had it all to ourselves.

We lined up 8 high-performance cars, fired up our very own race-ace Ashley Oldfield and staged three races - this is the second head-to-head featuring the new VW Golf 7.5 GTI and the newly facelifted Toyota 86. For a recap of the first race - The Fiesta ST200 vs Renault Clio RS Lux, Click here.

The new Golf 7.5 GTI features a small power upgrade to 169 kW and a few exterior tweaks to the bumpers and lights. The inside has been revamped to feel more premium and it exudes a sense of luxury that's hard to match. We hadn't brought it to the hill to look at it though, we wanted to see how fast it could get to the top of our up and downhill climb.

The Toyota 86 is on a hiding to nothing, it can't match the GTI for power and lack more than 150 Nm of torque - critical for climbing hills. But, it's arguably more fun to drive and represents what you could get yourself for R50k less than a GTI.

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