Amarok could become more hardcore

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VW might be tempted to offer factory lift kit double-cabs.

As the VW Amarok prepares for retirement, the expectation is that VW might be more given to introducing accessories to keep it relevant until its replacement in 2023.  

End of lifecycle upgrades happen as any vehicle matures, in an attempt to keep the product offering valid and competitive.

For those bakkie buyers who desire an Amarok with better off-road ability, without compromising the factory warranty or service plan, there might be change afoot.

Australia has been a huge demand market for Amarok, especially the V6 variant. With very similar climate, terrain and user profile to South Africa, what happens Down Under, is often an indication of what could transpire locally.

The latest Amarok news from Oz, details plans for a range of optional off-road accessories. By far the most interesting of these is a Koni Raid lift kit, featuring new coil springs and twin-tube dampers.

Amarok’s comparatively low ground clearance has been its only real weakness off-road, versus Hilux or Ranger. The Koni Raid upgrade adds 25 mm of lift and those twin-tube dampers should notably improve the ride quality in extremely rocky terrain, reducing the jarring effect on passengers.

Beyond the suspension and ride height improvement, Amarok’s planned Australian upgrades also tally aluminium skid plates, to keep vulnerable engine and drivetrain components protected in technically challenging terrain.

The source for most of these Amarok off-road components and protection plates, is German supplier, Seikel. Local 4x4 enthusiasts will recognize the name, as Seikel is a distributor in South Africa and is vetted as an approved VW supplier, with the benefit of ‘no objection’ certification by the German vehicle giant.

As a factory-fitted option, customers who order these new Australian Amaroks, with their greater ground clearance and underbody protection, will retain full brand and dealership support. It will be interesting to see if VW South Africa, does the same, by incorporating Seikel accessories as part of its ‘official’ offering to Amarok double-cab customers.

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