Volkswagen Offers Performance Parts for Golf R [Video]

VW Golf R Akra

The facelifted Volkswagen Golf R has arrived in South Africa, but Volkswagen is already offering up some go-faster goodies which we hope will make their way to our market. Let's see what they entail.

The Volkswagen Golf R arrived with an uprated 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, with 213 kW and 380 Nm. It also features a new 7-speed DSG 'box which allows the new R to slingshot to 100 kph in a claimed 4.6 seconds. 

However, Volkswagen internationally has made some performance parts available to its Golf R customers and we're hoping these will eventually make their way to South Africa. The Volkswagen Golf R can be fitted with exclusive Performance packs, which comprise improved disc brakes, semi-slick tyres for track driving as well as an Akrapovic-sourced exhaust system, which will address the lack of an emotional soundtrack. 

The Performance brake setup is 2 kg lighter than the standard stoppers and offer better braking power, and can be identified by R-lettering on the calipers. As for the exhaust, it too is lighter than the standard unit by 7 kg, and offers what Volkswagen claim are "completely new acoustics." 

We hope that Volkswagen SA considers bringing in these parts, especially seeing as how popular the performance derivatives of the Golf are.

What does an Akrapovic-equipped Volkswagen Golf R sound like? 

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