Veyron power for Audi RS Q8

2020 Audi Rs Q8 Tuning Wheelsandmore 4

Big power boost for Audi's fastest SUV.

With its RS Q8, Audi has asked uncomfortable questions of the Lamborghini Urus, in terms of which is the most significant performance SUV for the money. 

If  you wish to settle that debate beyond any further dispute, there is now a monumental upgrade of Audi’s fastest SUV.

German aftermarket engineering consultancy, Wheelsandmore, is offering Audi RS Q8 customers an incredibly power upgrade – at an equally unbelievable price premium.

Audi’s RS Q8 produces a very decent 441 kW, from its bi-turbocharged 4-litre V8. But Wheelsandmore claim they can boost the large Audi high-performance SUV to 743 kW.

How does Wheelsandmore manage to extract that much more power from the Audi 4-litre V8? First of all, the install their own engine control module, which operates under very liberal parameters. A custom crafted exhaust system and downpipes improves gas-extraction efficiency and there are reshaped air intakes. They will even naughtily remove all particulate filters to improve flow rates.

The result is a supercar rivalling 743 kW and 1 250 Nm. Quite how the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission deals with all this, is unclear.

No 0-100 kph claims are made, and this is understandable, as al that additional power will buffer against the diminishing return curve of traction. The Wheelsandmore RS Q8 is good for a top speed of 305 kph.

Entirely appropriate for an upgrade this outrageous, are the Wheelsandmore RS Q8’s wheels. They measure 24-inches and roll 295/30 tyres up front and 355/25s at the rear, with rubber being supplied by Vredestein.


Owning a 743 kW Audi RS Q8 does not come cheap, as Wheelsandmore have priced their upgrade kit at an estimated R750 000.

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