Track Race - Polo GTI vs Yaris GRMN vs Renault Clio F1 vs Mini Cooper S

The final instalment of the ultimate warm hatch shootout is here. The 4 hatches take each other on in a one-lap smash lap of Killarney Raceway.

Every now and then, the stars align and the all the cars we want to race head-to-head become available. This is one such occasion.

Sadly, the Ford Fiesta ST will not be sold in South Africa and is very conspicuous by its absence here. With the feisty Ford missing from the line-up, it was up to the new Volkswagen Polo GTI, the super-rare, supercharged Toyota Yaris GRMN, the special edition Renault Clio RS 18 F1 and the latest Mini Cooper S to battle it out.

In this video, we head to the full Killarney circuit where each car would have one hot lap to claim victory. Our in-house race-ace Ashley Oldfield was at the wheel and after a few laps in each car to get his eye in, he set about setting the best time for each car.

The weather gods were not kind to us however, so be sure to stick around till the end of the video for an explanation of the conditions each car faced.

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