Toyota Testing Performance Parts At N24 Race

Toyota Supra

Toyota will be entering a new Supra into the Nurburgring 24 Hour Race this weekend. There's a nugget of info that has us very interested, however. 

Motorsport is a great test of a car's reliability and durability as it pushes a vehicle to its limits for an extended period of time. However, the Nurburgring 24 Hour race event takes this to a new level and is extremely taxing and demanding to both vehicle and driver. With each lap comprising 25 km of distance, an altitude change of 300 metres and over 170 corners, a vehicle will be under serious strain. 

A perfect place to refine and hone current technologies, then. We saw Hyundai put its pre-launch I30N hot hatches at this very event in 2017. Toyota Gazoo Racing has announced it will be participating in the 2019 event and has entered a new Supra to race alongside a Lexus LC. 

Interestingly, in the press release from Toyota, the cars racing will "incorporate and refine parts and advanced technologies intended for future road cars." Does this mean we could be getting a hotter and faster Supra? Maybe. We already know that the Gazoo Racing hierarchy indicates a potential for a faster and more focused model. The current Toyota Supra is badged as GR, with the flagship performance models tagged as GRMN.

The new Toyota Supra will be launching in South Africa in the 3rd week of July 2019.

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