Toyota Hypercar Coming Soon

Toyota GR

While all Toyota-related performance talk will be centred around the new Supra roadcar, the recent changes in Le Mans/World Endurance Championship regulations mean that a hypercar class has opened up. Toyota already has a working concept which will compete in the series, but more importantly, there'll be a road-legal version.

When Toyota announced its 2018 Toyota GR Super Sport Concept, we assumed it formed the basis of the next-generation of endurance racer. With the recent changes to the Le Mans/WEC regulations making provision for a hypercar, an opportunity for a road-legal hypercar has opened up. In this footage released by Toyota's Gazoo Racing division, we can see a camouflaged prototype driving around the Fuji Speedway circuit. Behind the wheel is none other than current Toyota CEO and President, Akia Toyoda. 

Right now, there's not much to go on, but we do know that the Toyota hypercar will feature a similar powertrain to the racer which competed in Le Mans 2019 recently. That'll mean a hybrid powertrain with a combined output of around 1 000 hp / 745 kW. Regulations for the new hypercar class of WEC restrict the car to 750 hp / 560 kW and it can't weigh more than 1 100 kg. 

As for the name? Well, Toyota titled its video with just "GR", but some Internet petrolheads are already dubbing it the "Toyota GR Super Sport". When it comes to life, expect to cost hypercar money and be extremely limited in volume. In order to meet the Hypercar class regulations, at least 20 production models have to be made available.

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