Toyota Corolla Sedan Confirmed for SA in 2020

Toyota Corolla 2

Toyota South Africa confirmed that it will be launching the Corolla sedan into our market in 2020. Here's what we know so far.

Underpinning the new Toyota Corolla sedan is the TNGA platform, which we've experienced extensively in the new Corolla hatchback, RAV4, C-HR and more. Not only does possess excellent ride and handling qualities, but refinement is on another level. So while the new Corolla sedan is aimed at the lower end of the market, it's going to drive in a more upmarket manner. 

At 4 640 mm long, 1 780 mm wide and 1435 mm tall, the Toyota Corolla is a good-sized family sedan. Rear legroom looks impressive too, with the Corolla sedan's wheelbase sitting at 2 700 mm.  Toyota claims ride comfort has been enhanced with a multi-link rear suspension that replaces the previous torsion beam setup. 

In terms of engines, there are a few petrol and hybrid options. We've experienced the new 1.2-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder motor with 85 kW and 185 Nm, which proved capable of shifting the Corolla hatchback along pleasantly. Toyota also offers a new 2.0-litre, naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder mill pushes out a reasonable 126 kW and 205 Nm with the option of a manual, automatic or a CVT. This powertrain does duty in the RAV4 and while we weren't enamoured with its performance, we suspect that the lighter and more compact Corolla sedan will be more nimble. 

When it launches in SA, expect a trim level lineup similar to that of the Corolla Hatchbach with nomenclature such as XS and XR. We'll have final clarity on specifications and arrival date early in 2020, while also answering the vital questions of whether it will be locally assembled as well as finding out the fate of the Corolla Quest.

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