Toyota Corolla Hatch (2019) Video Review

The new Toyota Corolla hatchback is now on sale in South Africa and our resident Ciro De Siena took it for a drive. Here's what he makes of this newcomer.

There's a new hatchback on the market and for the first time in decades, it carries the Corolla nameplate. It's all a bit confusing but just before the launch of the new Auris, Toyota (globally) did a 180 and changed the car's name to the Corolla Hatch.

Toyota hatchbacks have quite a following in South Africa. Those wearing the RSi badge were much loved and even the RunX, which predated the Auris, found many homes.

This new hatch, however, is a thoroughly different product and we were first to get our hands on one in SA. Join Ciro De Siena as he takes a thorough look at the car, and discusses the upcoming sportier versions which will no doubt hit showroom floors in due course.

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