Porsche Macan Turbo Joins Performance-SUV Posse

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Porsche has added the Macan Turbo to its lineup where it sits as the fastest model in the lineup.

The 2nd generation Porsche Macan Turbo makes use of a smaller enigne (down from 3.6-litres to 2.9-litres) but produces more power than before. Porsche claims the new 2.9-litre unit, which is also used in the Cayenne and Panamera uses two turbos to produce 324 kW and 550 Nm of torque. Combined with the Sports Chrono package, it will launch the Macan Turbo to 100 kph in 4.3 seconds. That's perfectly on par with offerings like the AMG GLC 63, X3 M and F-Pace SVR. Top speed on the new model is 270 kph. Porsche is still sticking with its dual-clutch PDK gearbox while other manufacturers have resorted to conventional autos. The Macan Turbo makes use of the 7-speed PDK 'box and has a claimed fuel consumption of 9.8L/100 km.

Visually the Macan Turbo has subtle yet defining adornments to give it that extra sporty appeal. The most notable is the fixed rear spoiler which has a double wing design to it. Then there are the special side skirts and mirror designs as well as the 20-inch wheels. Topping off the changes are the silver twin tailpipes.

The brakes on the Macan Turbo feature a tungsten carbide coating that is said to offer faster response, wear less and produce 90% less brake dust. The coating is offered as standard, but if you want high gloss discs and white calipers, that's an optional extra. If you want to take braking one step further Porsche offers ceramic composite brakes. Also on the option list is air suspension and Torque Vectoring Plus which improves chassis agility.

Inside the Macan Turbo gets sports seats ensconced in leather and 18-way adjustable. The roof lining is finished in Alcantara and the brushed aluminium package. A BOSE sound system with 14 speakers is standard fitment on this model. Expect to see the Macan Turbo in SA from early 2020.