Next-Gen Toyota 86 To Receive Turbo Power


The Toyota 86 as we know it will change dramatically when the next-generation of the compact sportscar is revealed.

UK publication Autocar is reporting the Toyota 86 will undergo quite a metamorphosis for its second generation. The changes are tremendous, firstly the platform used will be a variation of the acclaimed TNGA setup, which underpins things like the Corolla hatch, recently-revealed Yaris GR and the RAV4 family SUV to name but a few.

Secondly, and this will please the petrolheads, the addition of a potent turbocharged motor. The current iteration of 86 is an entertaining little thing to throw about, but you always had that feeling in the back of your mind that the chassis was capable of handling a bit more shove. 

As for engine specifics, there's talk of using a flat-4 setup as before, but this time it's the 2.4-litre turbocharged powerplant used in many Subaru products. It produces 194 kW and importantly, 375 Nm, which is substantial. It will also have to tread a fine line in undercutting the Supra but still providing adequate thrills. Expect a slick manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive to feature. Autocar is suggesting a reveal date of 2021 and as for the name, GR will be used to bring it in line with the current Gazoo Racing family.

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