Land Rover Models Gain ClearSight Tech 


Land Rover’s impressive ClearSight technology will be offered on select models. 

Land Rover is now offering its ClearSight Ground View and Rear View on select models including the Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque and forthcoming Land Rover Defender. 

The ClearSight Ground View uses cameras in the front grille and side mirrors to create a 180-degree virtual view of what’s ahead and underneath the vehicle which is particularly useful if you frequently find yourself going offroad. Clearsight also makes the bonnet invisible which allows you to ‘see through’ the bonnet and look at what you are driving over. The view is projected onto the central touchscreen which makes it easy for the driver to see and react to obstacles.   

The ClearSight Ground View is offered in conjunction with the optional 360° Surround Camera (R8 600) comprising 4 cameras that provide a birds-eye view of the vehicle and allows for various angles to be shown which allows the driver to manoeuvre out of tight parking spaces thus improving safety and reducing the risk of damage.

The ClearSight technology also includes a rearview mirror that can project HD video at the touch of the button. The ClearSight rearview mirror uses an additional camera mounted in the rear antenna roof pod and the video feed is projected onto the digital display in the mirror providing an unrestricted rear view even if the driver can’t physically see out the rear window. The camera also works well in low-light conditions. The camera itself is designed with a protective lip to prevent mud or water from obscuring the lens view and the lens also has a hydrophobic coating that repels water. The driver can switch back to normal mirror mode by flicking the switch under the mirror. 

This ClearSight rearview mirror is standard on HSE variants as well as on the Evoque First Edition while being offered as an option on all other models.

Both these features are also expected to feature on the all-new Land Rover Defender which is due to arrive in South Africa in June 2020.

See specs and pricing for the new Land Rover Defender here!

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