Land Rover Defender (2020) Specs & Price Announced

LR Defender 5

Pricing for the eagerly-anticipated Land Rover Defender has gone public. Here's how much the 2 derivatives will cost. 

Land Rover has announced pricing for the Defender 110 which is going on sale in South Africa in June 2020, as well as pricing for the short wheelbase 90, which will follow later on in the year. 

Interest in the vehicle has been massive, with over 12 000 South Africans using the online configurator and 9 000 brochures have been downloaded. When it launches, the new Land Rover Defender will be available with 4 accessory packs (Explorer, Adventure, Country, Urban). 

In terms of engines, petrol, diesel and hybrid will be offered for both 110 and 90 body styles, while trim levels will range from the top-of-the-range Defender X models, as well as Standard, S, SE, HSE specification packs. There will also be an exclusive First Edition model. 

Kicking off the range will be the D240, with its 2.0-litre 4-cylinder twin-turbocharged diesel motor. It produces 177 kW and 430 Nm, and is capable of a 0-100 kph sprint in 9 seconds. Next up is the P300 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol motor with 221 kW and 400 Nm. It's a touch brisker, with an 8 second claimed sprint time to 100 kph. Finally, the P400 is a 3.0-litre 6-cylinder turbocharged petrol packing 294 kW and 523 Nm, and it will be the quickest Defender with a 6 second sprint to 100 kph. All vehicles feature all-wheel drive and all have automatic gearboxes. 

As for off-roading credibility, the Defender has 291 mm of ground clearance. The long-wheelbase 110 has an approach angle of 38-degrees, a 28-degree break-over angle and a 40-degree departure angle (in off-road mode). It will also wade through water 900 mm deep. We're looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the new Land Rover Defender so stay tuned for more info.

Land Rover Defender Price in South Africa (March 2020)

Defender 90 177kW D240 Standard              R 948 000

Defender 90 177kW D240 S                           R996 500

Defender 90 177kW D240 SE                         R1 060 200

Defender 90 177kW D240 HSE                      R1 156 600

Defender 90 177kW D240 First Edition          R1 142 200

Defender 90 221kW P300 Standard               R948 000

Defender 90 221kW P300 S                           R996 500

Defender 90 221kW P300 SE                         R1 060 200

Defender 90 221kW P300 HSE                       R1 156 600

Defender 90 294kW P400 Standard               R1 078 400

Defender 90 294kW P400 S                           R1 113 800

Defender 90 294kW P400 SE                         R1 172 500

Defender 90 294kW P400 HSE                       R1 268 900

Defender 90 294kW P400 First Edition          R1 254 500

Defender 90 294kW P400 X                           R1 486 700

Defender 110 177kW D240 Standard             R999 000

Defender 110 177kW D240 S                         R1 042 800

Defender 110 177kW D240 SE                       R1 099 500

Defender 110 177kW D240 HSE                    R1 198 700

Defender 110 177kW D240 First Edition        R1 199 500

Defender 110 221kW P300 Standard             R999 000

Defender 110 221kW P300 S                         R1 042 800

Defender 110 221kW P300 SE                       R1 099 500

Defender 110 221kW P300 HSE                     R1 198 700

Defender 110 294kW P400 Standard             R1 129 400

Defender 110 294kW P400 S                         R1 164 800

Defender 110 294kW P400 SE                       R1 224 300

Defender 110 294kW P400 HSE                     R1 320 700

Defender 110 294kW P400 First Edition        R1 310 400

Defender 110 294kW P400 X                         R1 498 400

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