Audi Shows Storming SQ5 TDI


It boosts up to 2.4 bar, with virtually no turbo lag. Meet the new SQ5 TDI performance SUV.

Despite pressure on premium diesel vehicle sales in Europe and North America, Audi has revealed a new SQ5 performance SUV which runs on 50 ppm.

Billed as an outstanding high-speed tarmac and mild gravel terrain tourer, this latest addition to the SQ5 legacy might be geared for enthusiastic driving – but it does use some very clever electrification technologies to achieve that.

Powering the SQ5 TDI is a 3-litre V6 turbodiesel boosting 255 kW and 700 Nm. That’s a lot of rotational force and Audi claims that with the benefit of Quattro all-wheel drive, it will run a benchmark 0-100 kph sprint in only 5.1 seconds.

Top speed is limited to 250 kph and if you aren’t a boost junkie, SQ5 TDI should reach a constant throttle cruising consumption figure of 6.6L/100 km in ideal atmospheric conditions.

Aiding SQ5’s agility is a configuration of Audi’s Quattro system which can apportion 85% of total powertrain output to the rear axle, and an optional sports differential which can vector torque across the rear axle too.

Even cleverer than SQ5 TDI’s trick drivetrain, are the electric bits which make its engine run so powerfully and efficiency. There’s a lag mitigating 7 kW electrically driven compressor, which pre-pressures the turbocharging system whilst the main turbocharger is spooling-up. This arrangement ensures a seamless surge of power each time you kick down a gear or two on that eight-speed automatic transmission – or require immediate throttle response.

Supporting SQ5 TDI’s efficiency drive is slight hybridisation, which recharges once there is throttle lift between 55- and 160 kph and features aggressive brake regeneration too. Audi claims SQ5 TDI can harvest up to 12 kW of energy during braking, which is stored in a battery pack – and used to power the SUV’s electric systems.

At this stage, Audi SA has said that it doesn't have any plans at this point to introduce the SQ5 TD as it is only available as an EU6 engine, which our fuel quality can't match.

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