Audi RS3 vs BMW M2 (2017) Drag Race

A few weeks ago we published a head-to-head video featuring the new Audi RS3 sedan and the BMW M2 and it upset quite a lot of our audience. That video certainly had some issues but the most common complaint was that we didn't race the cars.

Well, we're here to rectify that, and we've gone big. In Part 1 of The Rematch, we hired Cape Town's Killarney drag strip, wrangled a brand new Audi RS3 Sportback and BMW M2, and staged what we think is a pretty epic drag race...or two.

Look out for Part 2, where we unleash our in-house race ace Ashley Oldfield on the full Killarney race circuit for a hot lap shootout.

We'll also be publishing exclusive videos and data which was collected on the day using the RaceLogic V-Box system.

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