BMW M2 vs Mercedes-AMG A45 vs Audi RS3 vs Honda Civic Type-R: On-track analysis (Video)

Now that you know which of these four tar burners is fastest around Killarney, Ciro de Siena and racing driver Ashley Oldfield sit down to analyse which of the Audi RS3, BMW M2, Mercedes-AMG A45 and Civic Type R was best to drive.

By now you will have (hopefully) watched our latest track race featuring the Audi RS3, Honda Civic Type-R, Mercedes-AMG A45 and BMW M2. If you haven’t watched the in-depth feature video and read the article, do so here.

A video like this will be a massive conversation starter in the form of YouTube comments or social media responses. Many will be arguing about which car should have won from the comfort of their keyboards, but only one person really knows how those cars performed on the day of filming.

Ashley Oldfield is our in-house racing driver and brings a wealth of motorsport experience and pedigree to the track (or office desk). He won the Nissan GT Academy and went on to be a professional racing driver for Nissan in Europe. Now he drives for us...

Have a listen to his analysis... as ever, it appears lap times only tell a part of the story!