2020 Toyota Prado vs New Land Rover Defender 110 - Luxury Off-road Titans go head to head

We headed out to our favourite 4x4 testing facility, Welgelegen 4x4 just outside Cape Town, to put these two luxury behemoths to the test in their natural habitat.

The big news here is that this is not an entirely new Prado, but it has been given a new beating heart in the form of the uprated 2.8L engine which is now doing duty in the latest Hilux. It is worth saying up front that this isn't necessarily an apples for apples test as we could not secure a diesel Defender, so we had to make do with the extremely powerful 6-cylinder P400.

But it is an interesting test nonetheless, given that the Prado offers a tried-and-tested formula of a ladder frame chassis, a decently luxurious interior, 7-seats and a 6-figure price tag which comes in well below this particular Defender, although the diesel Defender is closer in price.

Climbing into the Land Rover and you feel like you've time-travelled to the future. This is one seriously smart and capable vehicle and left Ciro De Siena feeling like he didn't really need to be there; the car could have probably climbed those mountains all on its own.

We do hope you enjoy this in-depth test of the two cars. Let us know in the comments below which one you'd have and why.

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