Drive along in our fully electric Volkswagen e-Golf

In preparation for the launch of fully electric models in 2021, Volkswagen SA imported 6 e-Golfs into the country to conduct some real-world testing, and we were given one of them to help out.

We can't wait for the upcoming ID3 and ID4 to arrive in the country, but in the meantime, we're really really enjoying driving the fully electric eGolf. These were never sold in South Africa but they were hugely popular in Europe, in fact at one point, in Norway, this was the best-selling car in the whole country. Volkswagen introduced the e-Golf to gauge the interest and feasibility of electric cars in SA. VW doesn't really have a choice going forward though as it is committed to an electric vehicle future. Join our video guy Ciro De Siena as he takes you along for a ride around Johannesburg in this very special car.

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