World's Most Powerful Single-cab Bakkie

Bollinger Motors B2 Chassis Cab 2 Door Side

Bollinger bakkie is not only powerful, but it also holds double the Land Cruiser bakkie's load capacity. 

American electric vehicle bakkie specialist, Bollinger, has revealed yet another adaption of its B2.

The Michigan company has already revealed its double-cab B2s, but Bollinger is now hastening the development of its workhorse variant: the B2CC.

Classed as a chassis cab, the B2CC would be known to South Africans as a single-cab and it has some amazing features. If you desire a battery-powered bakkie with superior off-road ability and a great load-carrying configuration, this is it.

The B2CC platform features hydropneumatic suspension, which can self-level and balance the bakkie, even when loaded to capacity – and this single-cab can move more than most. Bollinger claims the B2CC is rated to carry 2.25 tonnes on its rear axle, which is twice what most rival bakkies can haul.

With a flat rear chassis, the B2CC allows for many different utilitarian bakkie applications. You can rig it as a tow-vehicle or place a water-drilling platform on the rear. Bollinger also envisions a rear scaffolding and racking system, which would be perfect for building and maintenance contractors.

Beyond the significant payload and generous wheelbase that allows this B2CC such adaptability, there is the promise of excellent all-terrain ability. Lockable portal-axles enable 500 mm of ground clearance (most regular bakkies are half that) and should provide traction in all off-road conditions.

Powering the B2CC is a massive 120 kWh battery pack, spinning two electric motors – one at each axle. Total system output is an outrageously impressive 452 kW and 906 Nm, which means that even with 2.25 tonnes of whatever you need to move on the back, you’ll never be late.

Bollinger claims the B2CC will run 0-100 kph in only 4.5 seconds, which makes it faster than most hot hatches. For bakkie owners, the appeal of all that performance is in its surplus power capacity, with the B2CC having a 10 kW onboard charger/inverter system to power work tools. 

The first Bollinger B2-series bakkies are expected to reach customers in Q2 of 2021.

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