Audi Quattro Bakkie Anyone? 

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Imagine if Audi built a bakkie…

Imagine if Audi had to go down this dusty road and actually produce a bakkie... The Ingolstadt-based firm would at least be in a position to learn from the spectacular failings of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class

Nonetheless, the sketch you see here by Raleigh Haire shows the potential for an Audi Quattro Truck that would take aim at the American market where vehicles such as the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado dominate.  

The Audi Quattro Truck is said to blend Audi’s offroad rally heritage with advanced electric hybrid technology and Raleigh reckons “Audi has all the necessities for a tough high tech truck”. 

Unlike the typical body-on-frame design seen on today’s bakkies, the Audi Quattro Truck features a unibody frame which is lighter and more rigid and with the hybrid system’s batteries integrated into the frame which aids in lowering the centre of gravity while also improving overall packaging. A nifty feature is a detachable utility battery from the side of the vehicle that can be used to charge equipment or provide power in your campsite. 

In terms of design, the exposed unibody frame adds visual strength to the design while the front end features a single light bar graphic with a glowing Audi logo at its centre. The grille itself is integrated into the body panelling and external LED lighting provides illumination while also adding to the rugged look of the truck.  Aimed at the power-sport enthusiast, the Audi Quattro Truck is also fitted with integrated loading ramps should you wish to easily load up your dirt bike into the load bin. 

While this is only a design study, it’s interesting to imagine what an Audi bakkie could look like. Do you think this is something Audi should pursue or do you think Audi should rather focus refining its current passenger car offerings? 

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