Neuron T/ONE is Another New Battery Bakkie

Another American start-up is attempting to disrupt the traditional bakkie business.

Unlike Rivian, you might not have heard of Neuron before, but it is also domiciled in Californian and on a mission to deliver a range of battery-powered commercial vehicles.

With Tesla due to also reveal its keenly anticipated bakkie later this month, the hype around battery-powered commercial vehicles is strong. Which is probably the reason behind Neuron wanting to get its product renderings out before Tesla reveals its new bakkie. 

The most interesting of its recently previewed product concepts is the T/ONE, which is a large configurable bakkie platform.

Neuron says that its T/ONE will offer a huge variety of body styles and cargo stowage solutions. In the renderings which have been released, there are a cab-and-half, single-cab and an integrated canopy bakkie.

Although these bakkies will be battery-powered, Neuron isn’t divulging many technical details. One feature which has been described is a solar tray for the loadbed, which could generate additional power, on the move. Alternatively, this solar panel in the back could help charge the bakkie when it is parked, especially for farmers and commercial building crews, who often park their bakkies for long periods in direct sunlight.

Where Neuron’s T/ONE is set to differ from both Rivian and Tesla’s forthcoming bakkies, is its driving position. In an ode to McLaren’s F1 supercar, the T/ONE features a central driving position – which will make the T/ONE cheaper to build and more flexible for delivery to a global marketplace.

Enhancing the T/ONE’s driving experience will be an array of wireless cameras, feeding a stream of visuals to the driver’s screen. This system should deliver a panoramic 360° view when parking or wanting to change lanes in traffic.

As with many modern vehicle cabin architectures, the Neuron T/ONE has touchscreen interfacing for all its traditional dial, button and knob functions.

Neuron has not committed to any delivery datelines for its T/ONE.

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