VW Tiguan and Touareg Get Black Styling Packs


Dark art applied to VW SUVs.

VW SUV customers, who prefer darkened styling details to reflective ones, now have the option on two new design upgrades.

Both the Touareg and Tiguan are now available with a Black Style Package in South Africa – and it does pretty much what it says.

For the Touareg, this Black Style Package is only applicable to the Executive derivative. The upgrades tally an R-specification bumper, with blackened chrome styling elements, darkened air-intakes, black roof rails and wing mirrors.

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The grille is also darkened and the Black Style Package is finished off with 21-inch Suzuka themed alloy wheels. The total cost of upgrading a Touareg with the Black Style Package comes to R39 900.

If you prefer the smaller of VW’s premium SUVs, the same can be applied to VW’s Comfortline and Highline specification Tiguans. The only caveat is that you have to option the R-line package too.

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All the Black Style Pack upgrades on Touareg are applied to Tiguan, with a few additions and differences. The Suzuka alloy wheels are a touch smaller, at 20-inches, and you get rear and side window privacy glass. Tiguan Black Style Pack vehicles also feature a black headliner inside and sport suspension at each wheel corner.

VW has quoted R25 200 as the price for a Tiguan Black Style Package upgrade. If you don’t mind washing your VW SUV more than once a week, these darkened design upgrades will certainly be worth considering.