VW Golf R - More Power + Titanium Exhaust - How Does it Sound?

The Golf R returns with more power and a fancy exhaust system. We make a video showing you these things.

There’s a new-ish Golf R on the market. It’s pretty much the same Golf R you could have bought at the beginning of the year, except now it offers 228kW, up 15kW from the long-standing special state of tune for our hot weather market.

But more excitingly, VW SA offers a titanium Akrapovic exhaust, straight out of the factory. The Golf R was never exactly a dull car to listen to but this upgrade has certainly given that exhaust note much more drama and much more power.

In this video we set out to properly capture the sound of the Golf R’s titanium exhaust, using some traditional, and, um, not so traditional methods.

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