Volkswagen Developing Caddy Camper

Volkswagen Caddy Mini Camper Teaser

VW California lite in the works. 

No brand is more closely associated with the #Vanlife movement, than VW.

The German company’s T-Series vans have launched a million adventurous journeys, but not everyone has the budget to embrace its latest T6 California.

For those VanLife acolytes who desire a more affordable sleeper van, VW will soon have a solution. Using the fifth-generation Caddy as a platform, VW’s designers and engineers are attempting to repackage some of the live-in convenience encountered in their larger vans, within a more compact vehicle.

The design goal is to deliver a Caddy to market which is as comfortable to overnight in, as the California.

If you are expecting a clever roof tent with an integrated mattress section, you will be disappointed. VW’s Caddy Camper will feature an attachable tent section, which effectively attaches to the van’s open tailgate, creating a walkable living space. There is a deployable bed option, which measures an adequate 2m in length.

There are not many details about the cabin architecture changes, but VW is expected to source stowable camping chairs and tables, which will not take up too much space when not in use.

VW’s conventional Caddy roof structure is replaced with a panoramic glass surface, which should make for quality star gazing, on a Karoo night. For those who fear the radiation or heat stroke that a panoramic roof can deliver in South African summer conditions, there are dimmable panels.

The promise is that no less than 19 drive assistance and safety features will be standard on the new Caddy Camper. Engine options are 2 turbodiesels, boosting 55- or 90 kW, or a single 84 kW turbopetrol.

VW is expected to reveal the production version of its new Caddy Camper in September 2020.

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