Toyota Supra RZ Acquires Full BMW Power

Toyota Supra Rz Horizon Blue Edition

BMW engine boosting better numbers, for Supra.

Toyota has shown what might await global Supra fans soon, with the promise of more power.

Since its launch, followers of the new Supra have been wondering if Toyota would decide to use all the latent power available in its BMW sourced 3-litre in-line six engine.

There are various BMW applications where the B58 twin-turbo engine makes a lot more power than in Supra.

With the announcement of its new Supra RZ edition, for the Japanese market, Toyota has finally delivered an answer of sorts about the discrepancy in power between its cars and BMWs with the same engine. Beyond its Horizon Blue paint finish and matching blue cabin stitching, the most significant news this Supra RZ brings greater engine output.

The factory Supra has delivered 250 kW since its launch, but this RZ edition boosts 285 kW, which is on par with BMW’s M40i specification models, using the same B58 twin-turbo engine.

Performance gains see 0-100 kph in a tenth of a second less than before (down from 4.3 to 4.2 seconds) and under the bonnet there is a new aluminium strut brace arrangement, to increase lateral rigidity at the front end of Toyota’s limited edition Supra.

Other mechanical upgrades include new suspension bump stops and revised damper tuning, to account for the increase in power yielding high corner entry speeds. Toyota’s software engineers have also recalibrated the car’s eight-speed automatic transmission, to react appropriately to a 14% surge in engine performance.

Most other Supra markets are expecting a similar limited edition variant, with the 285 kW power rating, towards the end of 2020.

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