Toyota GR HV Sports Concept Headed for Tokyo

Toyota Concept 1

Toyota has revealed this new GR HV sports car concept ahead of the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show – it gives us some indication of what the brand is planning in terms of sports cars.

The Aichi-based manufacturer has made it clear that its GR HV Sports concept blends the thrill of a sportscar with the environmental friendliness of an eco car. It features a 'targa top' and the design resembles the TS050 Gazoo Racing hybrid race car that competes in the World Endurance Championship. It further sports LED headlights, aluminium wheels, a rear diffuser and is finished in matte-black. 

Inside, there's a selector switch that enables the car to be switched from automatic to full manual control and an engine on/off button is located in the gear selector. In terms of powerplant, not much is known except that Toyota says the concept is powered by a racing version of hybrid technology refined by the TS050. The GR HV concept adopts a front-engine, rear-drive layout with the hybrid battery centrally located to improve the centre of gravity and front-rear balance. 

TJ Cruiser Concept 

The TJ Cruiser concept combines the practicality of a van with the capability of an SUV.

Toyota will also show the TJ Cruiser concept at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. The TJ Cruiser concept was designed to cater for both 'work' and 'play' lifestyles. The 'T' stands for 'Toolbox, referring to the practical nature of the vehicle while the 'J' stands for 'Joy', as in the joy of exploring new places, referring to the part-time all-wheel drive capability of the TJ Cruiser. 

The TJ Cruiser concept rides on 20-inch wheels and offers a spacious cabin with up to 3 metres of loading space with the rear seats folded flat. A wide opening rear door allows for loading of larger and bulkier items such as bicycles and numerous lashing points allow you to tie items down. Large sliding doors also improve loading ability and make it easy for passengers to enter or exit the vehicle. 

The TJ Cruiser's bonnet, roof and bumpers feature 'care-free' materials with a special scratch and dirt resistant coating. Based on the next-generation Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, the TJ Cruiser can be powered by "2.0-litre class" petrol and hybrid powertrains. 

Both the Toyota GR HV sports car concept and TJ Cruiser will be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show on 27 October - 5 November 2017. 

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