Toyota Discounts Servicing in SA


Toyota is now offering discounted servicing for all Toyota models older than 5 years in South Africa.

Toyota South Africa Motors’ (TSAM) has announced that discount servicing of all Toyota vehicles older than 5 years, irrespective of year, mileage or model, will be offered throughout its local dealership network.

Toyota owners will benefit from a guaranteed minimum of 10% discount on replacement parts including engine coolant, brake fluid, differential oil, gearbox oil and a capped labour rate when booking their vehicles in for a service at a Toyota dealership. Servicing is carried out by certified technicians using Genuine Parts and owners will be able to maintain a full Toyota service history, keeping their vehicles safe and reliable.

All workmanship and parts carry a 12-month warranty and Toyota Value Service (TVS) is done in accordance to prescribed service schedules including safety inspection and routine adjustment and lubrication.

TVS also offers a dealer and vehicle specific online service calculator so that customers can see exactly what parts and costs will form part of the next service. You need the vehicle’s registration and VIN number to use the online service calculator. You can also book a Toyota Value Service using the MyToyota mobile application, which can be downloaded from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

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