Jaguar C-X16 prototype for Frankfurt Motor Show

Jaguar Prototype

Chalk another car up to the list of prototypes that are going to be debuting at the Frankfurt Motor Show with the Jaguar C-X16. The Jaguar C-X16 is a 2-seater concept car that comes with a number of technological advancements and design improvements. The car will be a hybrid and aims to be the most compact and responsive Jaguar in a generation.

Hybrid Power for Jaguar C-X16

The Jaguar C-X16 will come with a next-generation supercharged V6 petrol engine that produces 280 kW and 450 Nm of torque, which is helped along by a F1 inspired hybrid boost system. This boost system is activated by a button located on the steering wheel, allowing the driver to choose when to receive the additional power.

The gearbox is an 8-speed transmission and comes with an integrated motor generator which draws its power from a 1.6 kWh battery pack which is mounted behind the seats. This battery pack is charged from the brake energy regeneration system and allows the motor to provide an additional 70 kW of power when required.

All this power comes together to allow the Jaguar C-X16 to complete 0-100 in a blitz 4.4 seconds before topping off at 300km/h. The car can travel on electric power alone at speeds up to 80km/h.

The Jaguar C-X16 is the smallest Jaguar that the company has made since 1954. The vehicle will be presented at the Jaguar Land Rover press conference during the Frankfurt Motor Show. Look for more information as it becomes available.