Porsche GT3 RS Weissach Review - Is this the best road-going racecar ever?

The Porsche GT3 RS has always had a special place in petrolheads' hearts. In a world of softcore GTs masquerading as sportscars, the Porsche has garnered respect and admiration for sticking to its guns, providing an uncompromising racecar-for-the-road experience.

This particular car is also very special as for our video guy, Ciro De Siena, it was to be the first Porsche 911 he had ever driven. Somehow in his 15-year motoring career, the 911 had alluded him.

And this particular test unit is about as good as it gets right now in terms of the GT3 RS offering, before the entirely new generation arrives next year. This is the Weissach edition, an even more lightweight, laser-focused version of the GT3.

And so, without further ado, may we present to you our video review. Fair warning, Ciro gets very excited...

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