Pininfarina Battista is the Best-Looking EV Yet


Famed Italian design consultancy, Pininfarina, has finally revealed its electric hypercar at the Geneva Motor Show.

It’s called the Battista and for Pininfarina, this is the future of the global hypercar market.

A strikingly styled vehicle, Battista retains the silhouette of a typical mid-engined hypercar, despite being driven by a T-shaped 120kWh battery pack, which is the work of Croatian electric vehicle specialist, Rimac.

Pininfarina has styled some of the most celebrated Italian supercars in history and with Battista, the company has been keen to trade on that heritage. That's why this battery-powered hypercar looks more "conventional" in its side-profile than one would expect from a vehicle without a conventional internal-combustion engine dictating its packaging and proportions.

The numbers are startling. Each wheel is individually powered by its own electric motor and total system output is 1 415 kW. Pininfarina can, therefore, claim, with some degree of confidence, that Battista will be the most powerful Italian car yet when it goes on sale next year.

Production will be limited to only 150 units and those few privileged customers will own a vehicle capable of 0-100 kph in under 2 seconds and a top speed of 350 kph. Pininfarina also promises that Battista will be a thrillingly accomplished car to drive.

To guarantee Battista delivers in all aspects of performance and driver feedback a team of all-star (mostly German) engineers were assembled to execute this battery-powered hypercar. Pininfarina managed to poach engineers from AMG, Bugatti and Porsche for its Battista project.

Depending on build specification, confirming a Battista order will cost you between R30 million and R35 million. Ouch!

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