Opel launch new lightning bolt

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Less yellow with a slimmer ring, that's the gist of Opel's new badge. 

There has been an enormous rebranding of most car company logos over the last two years.

As brands attempt to become more relevant in the digital marketing space, the realisation has been that 3D logos don’t work. They might look great in the middle of a traditional grille, but on a flatter surface, the appearance can be odd.

With companies committing to electric vehicle fleets in future, the conventional black grille, with cooling grids or slats, will disappear. It will be replaced by a solid front panel, upon which a 2D grille looks much better.

The latest car company to adopt a new logo, heralding its transition from a 3D- to 2D corporate identity, is Opel. Now under the ownership of PSA, the German-engineered brand has flattened its ‘blitz’ logo and selected a new font.

According to Opel the company’s logo has been minimalised. The kink in Opel’s ‘blitz’ is not much thinner, but the ring that surrounds it is narrower in profile – but not diameter.

Graphic designers at the Russelsheim company have not only changed the logo that will sit at the front and rear of its vehicles, but also its backing colour and font.

For decades Opel has been synonymous with a deep yellow corporate colour. That now changes to a lighter neon yellow. This colour has been sourced from the same palette that supplied yellow detailing to the Opel GT X Experimental concept car, which eventually matured into the Mokka.

The last aspect of Opel’s new corporate identity is the font, which is more angular. The company name also no longer appears on the logo ring.

Opel has confirmed that its Mokka and updated Crossland will be the first models to feature this new logo, due for rollout by mid-2021.

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