Opel has two new 4x4s

All the traction for the ultimate van.

Opel has two new vans that can go basically anywhere you would need to make a delivery or collection.

Although the 4x4 bakkie is a favoured all-terrain logistics vehicle, they are heavy on fuel and tyres. A van will always have superior bulk loading capacity and Opel is now offering both its Combo and Vivaro with selectable 4x4 capability.

Using the same production Combo and Vivaro platform, Opel commissioned French off-road traction system specialist, Dengle, to develop these new 4x4 variants. As Opel is now part of PSA, the French connection makes sense.

Steering and suspension components are upgraded, to give these 4x4 Combo and Vivaro vans better ride quality and obstacle clearance off-road.

The Combo sees a significant 90 mm ground clearance gain, to 205 mm, while underbody protection is added to guard the most vulnerable power- and drivetrain bits. Dengle claims that its Opel Combo 4x4 will ascend a 41-degree incline.

With the larger Vivaro, there is a smaller ground clearance gain (up by 20 mm) and only 23.7-degree incline climbing ability. The Vivaro 4x4 does counter with an impressive 1 344 kg payload.

How does the Dengle 4x4 system work on both of these Opels? Well, it is a rotary select design which engages the rear axle when required, via a viscous coupling. An R-Lock feature is integrated within the Dengle set-up, whilst the Combo and Vivaro’s ESP systems have been recalibrated to allow or greater wheel slip, before limiting engine power.

Opel is offering a limited-slip rear differential option for those users who prefer a more mechanical traction interface in sandy or loose terrain. 

If you would like to live a slightly more adventurous #vanlife, these new Opels will take you where most crossovers cannot.

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