Nissan Patrol Gets New Look

2020 Nissan Patrol

Nissan’s 6th-generation Patrol has received a significant styling upgrade. See details below...

Although it's now running on a platform that is nearly a decade old (first launched in 2010), Nissan’s designers have notably reshaped the Patrol’s front styling.

The brand’s characteristic V-shaped grille has been reshaped and is now framed by much broader edges. Most noticeable are the headlamps, which now feature body colour switchblades, cutting into the glass surface.

Around the rear, there isn't a remoulded bumper shape or tailgate profile, but Nissan has sourced new taillights, equipped with a sequential illumination indicator function.

The Patrol still offers high levels of comfort and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is on offer. 

Inside the 2020 model year Patrol, passenger comfort has been improved. Quilted leather seats should provide superior seating comfort, especially on long-distance gravel road journeys.

Nissan has expanded the Patrol’s infotainment offering too, with a dual centre-stack display, which integrates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Despite not being a visible upgrade, Nissan’s acoustics engineers have made the Patrol cabin quieter too.

Safety specification enjoys a slight upgrade with the presence of pedestrian detection, now programmed into the emergency braking system.

Mechanically, the Patrol’s power- and drivetrain options continue unchanged. Power is sourced from 2 naturally-aspirated petrol engines, either a 4.0-litre V6, good for 205kW and 394 Nm, or an enormous 5.6-litre V8, rated at 298kW and 560Nm.

The Patrol’s ladder frame chassis might make it an ungainly vehicle though corners, but with low-range gearing and a lockable rear-differential, it has legendary off-road ability.

Patrol’s configuration makes it a rarity amongst luxury off-road vehicles, with ladder frame construction, in a world of monocoque SUVs. Only Nissan, Toyota (Land Cruiser 200), Lexus (LX570) and Mercedes-Benz (G-Class), still produce vehicles which combine robust body-on-frame construction with contemporary luxury trim.

We are waiting to hear from Nissan South Africa regarding local availability but we expect the latest Patrol to hit the SA market sometime in 2020. 

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