Next Range Rover Leaked? 

A new generation Range Rover is expected within the next 2 years but a leaked video has surfaced online showing what could potentially be it. Is it the real deal? 

Australian online car publication, CarAdvice, has reported on a supposed leaked promotional video of the next Range Rover. However, there is speculation as to whether the video is indeed from an official source or if it’s a spoof. Either way, it’s interesting… 

The video shows what looks like a Range Rover concept boasting futuristic styling with a bold face with unique lighting signatures front and rear. Suicide doors then swing open and the viewer is invited to peek inside the interior where all the key interior features are highlighted. Based on what we see here, if this is indeed the next Range Rover, it’s set to be a mightily impressive vehicle. 

Range Rover has a rich history of making luxury SUVs and whether the above video is real or not, it’s worth acknowledging Range Rover's past in order to understand its future. 

To do that, watch SentiMETAL Episode 15 featuring a beautifully restored Range Rover Series 1 below. 

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