Next-Gen Ford Mustang to go Hybrid

Ford Mustang E

Ford will be keen to keep the iconic Mustang alive in an increasingly green-focused world. The next-gen Ford Mustang will feature a hybrid V8 as well as all-wheel drive.

*Pictured is the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the brand's Mustang-inspired all-electric SUV

Ford recently celebrated the 56th birthday of its iconic Mustang sports car and unfortunately, for it to survive the future, it will need to go green. According to Autocar, the next-generation Ford Mustang will gain a hybrid engine as well as all-wheel drive. Back in 2017, Ford filed a patent for a V8 motor driving the rear wheels with electric motors driving the front wheels and its this tech which is expected to land up in the next-generation Ford Mustang. There's also talk of the next-generation Mustang using a modular platform shared with one of the many SUVs Ford makes.

While many petrolheads will understandably vent and express disappointment that the V8 tyre-shredding icon is going soft, Ford, unfortunately, has no choice but to go down the green route to meet increasingly tough emissions and efficiency targets. Ford has already laid out plans to reveal at least 18 mild-hybrid and full-hybrid in the next 2 years. There were already question marks over the Ford Mustang Mach-E, which is everything a Mustang isn't: an all-electric and all-wheel-drive SUV, and yet, bookings and orders for it have been impressive.

The last 2 iterations of Ford Mustang have been a runaway success for the Blue Oval as it finally introduced right-hand drive, meaning countries like the UK and South Africa could sell them.

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