New Volkswagen Polo Vivo: Detailed Review and Buying Advice (2018)

The launch of the 2018 Polo Vivo has caused a fairly sizable uproar on South African social media, as motorists feel Volkswagen SA have perhaps "cheated" the buying public by simply slapping a Vivo badge on the outgoing Polo and renaming it "Vivo".

Volkswagen SA has a stunningly successful business model: when an all-new Polo arrives, as occurred in January 2018 the existing model is converted into a Vivo model which is then marketed at a much more affordable price point.

The reality is that there is a fair amount of engineering that is employed to bring down the cost of the Polo to the Vivo's price point, most notable of which is removing four airbags, leaving the Vivo with only two.

In this video, we detail everything which has changed and remained the same, in the new Polo Vivo.

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