Video Comparison: 2018 Volkswagen Polo & 2017 Volkswagen Polo

It's true, there's a new Polo in town but that doesn't mean that the model it replaces has vanished off of showroom floors. In fact, walking into a Volkswagen showroom now will likely raise the question, which one should you buy, and is the 2018 model worth the price premium?

In this video we line up a 2018 VW Polo Highline and a 2017 Polo TSI Comfortline for a detailed comparison. With the two cars side-by-side, it becomes immediately apparent how much the new model has changed.

We take a detailed look at the two interiors, to see how much the luggage capacity and rear accommodation have grown, which wheels are available and, importantly, how much the price has changed for this, the 6th-generation Polo.

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