New Volkswagen Caddy California for the Outdoors

2020 VW Caddy California 2

Need a car for life in the outdoors? The new Volkswagen Caddy California has been revealed, check it out!

Earlier this year we reported that Volkswagen was working on a lifestyle vehicle based on the new Caddy (which is due to arrive in SA in 2021). Think of this new Caddy California as a more affordable alternative to the much larger T6 California, but just as awesome, in a more compact kind of way…

While it looks like a regular Caddy on the outside, this Caddy California is rigged and ready to take you into the wild. Your sleeping quarters come courtesy of a fold-out bed and you can even sleep under the stars if you opt for the optional panoramic sunroof. There are also dimmable LED lights fitted for added convenience. The mattress folds up and can be stored in the load bay when it’s not in use with additional space for other camping necessities such as a camping table and camping chairs. 

In addition, customers can also opt for a specially designed modular tent that attaches to the Caddy California and this setup is ideal for family camping trips where additional sleeping space is required. The Caddy can accommodate 2 people while 2 people are accommodated in the tent. 

The Caddy California is also equipped with a mini kitchen unit that can be pulled out of a compartment in the load bay and comprises a gas stove with a windshield and a lower tray for storing cooking and eating utensils. Extra goods can be stored in 5kg storage bags placed at the rear side windows for easy access. 

The Caddy California will be offered in both short and long-wheelbase formats and will be powered by either a 55 kW or 90 kW turbodiesel engine. All-wheel drive capability will be optional. 

As for the driver’s cockpit, it will follow the design of the new Caddy and will be offered with a digital instrument cluster as well as a 10-inch infotainment system. More so, up to 19 driver assistance systems will be available for the Caddy California, including a Travel Assist System. 

South African’s love being in the outdoors and we think that the Caddy California would be right at home here in Mzansi. However, it remains to be seen whether Volkswagen South Africa will introduce it locally. The new Caddy, however, is due to be introduced next year. Do you want to see the Caddy California in South Africa? 

We will keep you updated as soon as we have more details to share. 

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