New Ford Bakkie Coming? 

New Ford Bakkie

Ford is developing a new bakkie that will slot in below the Ranger and if reports are to be believed, it may come to market in 2022. 

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There is mounting evidence (including spy photographs) that suggests that Ford is developing a small bakkie that will serve as the brand’s entry-level utility offering which will slot in below the larger Ranger.  

Known internally as 758, it’s believed this new small bakkie will be produced on the current Focus C2 platform and a full reveal is expected in 2021. Reports suggest that the small bakkie will be manufactured at Ford’s Hermosillo plant in Mexico with an annual production target of 100 000 units.

In terms of engines, a 4-cylinder 2.0-litre and 1.5-litre petrol engine are on the cards paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. 

The Ford 758’s official name has yet to be revealed but there are rumours circulating that it might be aptly named ‘Courier’ or Ford might revive its Ranchero nameplate, but time will tell… The Courier name will be familiar to South Africans as it was the predecessor to the Ranger double cab and sold here up until 1999.

For now, the 758 is destined for the South American market first before infiltrating the North American market. There is currently no indication that this new bakkie will be offered in South Africa but we will keep you updated as more information surfaces. Lately, Ford South Africa has placed itself as an exporter, choosing to cut its model lineup to focus on locally produced vehicles such as Ranger and Everest. Unless this 'small Ranger' makes economic sense or Ford sees a case for local production it's unlikely to be made available to SA.


In order for it to make sense, both for Ford SA and the buying public it would obviously need to cost less than the double cab Ranger. As of March 2020, the cheapest double cab Ranger is priced at R428 200. The upcoming Renault Duster Oroch (confirmed for SA) appears to be the only other player in this space, but with Ford's bakkie brand cache in SA, it could probably afford to come in a little more expensive than the Renault. We would estimate it between the R300k - R400k mark as a good starting point. Bear in mind 2022 is a long way away and the Rand is very volatile. 

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