More power for Mazda3

Compression ignition petrol squeezes more power from 2-litres. 

Some exciting upgrades have been announced for the Mazda3.

One of Japan’s most regarded compact car platforms, the Mazda3 is set to benefit from better engine technology and smoother smart cruise control.

Mazda has always been an innovator with its engine development. Famed for the rotary engine, Mazda has also long resisted turbocharged engines, believing that the true volumetric efficiency did not produce sufficiently lower fuel consumption.

Its new SkyActiv-X engine features incredible compression ignition petrol technology. Whereas direct-injection has done much to lower charge temperatures and increase efficiency, Mazda’s ability to find a workable spark-controlled compression ignition set-up has made its SkyActiv-X 2-litre a terrific achievement.

Engineers have managed to optimize the Mazda3 petrol engine’s combustion and reprogrammed its software, to deliver more power. With outputs of 140 kW and 240 Nm, it compares very favourably to the 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine that does duty in the CX-5.

Aside from the 8 kW increase in engine power over the 2020 model year SkyActiv-X engine, Mazda’s mechanical engineers have also improved the awareness of its hatchback’s adaptive cruise control. This should make the Mazda3 easier to trust, when triggering its semi-autonomous driver-assist systems, such as the automated cruise control.

Beyond the sprightlier 2-litre four-cylinder engine and more intuitive cruise control, Mazda’s technical experts have also made its hatchback and sedan range better balanced on the move.

The technical department at Mazda has managed to source superior coil springs and dampers, which are claimed to lessen road surface vibration. This should give the Mazda3 a more settled ride and quieter cabin, especially when travelling over poorly surfaced roads. This in itself is impressive as the Mazda3 has some of the best road manners and quietest cabins in its segment.

Mazda is delivering its latest compact car product upgrades to the Japanese domestic market first, with a global rollout to be confirmed in time.

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