Mercedes-Benz X-Class: Off-road demo & video wrap

Mercedes-Benz hosted the international media launch of its X-Class in the picturesque Western Cape region in July 2017. Our team attended the spectacular reveal of the eagerly anticipated double cab and had the opportunity to ride in the passenger seat of the bakkie to experience a demonstration of the newcomer's off-road assistance systems (as shown above). Herewith a wrap of the videos and articles we posted about the pioneering "luxobakkie" in the order that they appeared...  

The moment we got our first in-the-flesh look of the X-Class:


When we saw Mercedes-Benz officially lift the veil off its newcomer:


Ciro de Siena gets up close to the X-Class and reports live from the launch venue:


Want to watch more videos of the X-Class?

Watch a 60-second highlights clip below:


Watch a promotional clip that shows the X-Class "being utilised lifestyle vehicle":


Watch the full international reveal ceremony as recorded in Cape Town:


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