Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 Revealed by Accident


AMG’s next 45-Series car leaks in Mercedes configurator error.

An overly ambitious gallery upload to Mercedes-Benz’s online configurator has accidentally leaked the future CLA 45 AMG.

Although the image is low-resolution, as one would expect from an online configurator, there is little doubt that this CLA is not a 35-Series AMG car. With its bootlid spoiler, quad exhausts, substantial rear diffusor and different alloy wheels it can only be a CLA 45. The red brake callipers and larger discs serve as additional evidence.

Mercedes-Benz only revealed its CLA 35 in April, so an official information release regarding CLA 45 could still be some months in the future. The technical specification for the new car is unconfirmed, although certain details have been alluded to by AMG staff.

The CLA45 AMG is expected to be marketed in two different engine output grades, with a ‘standard’ version boosting 286 kW from its 2-litre turbo motor, whilst an even more potent ‘S’ derivative should peak at 310 kW. South Africa has proven to be a strong S market and will likely be the single unit introduced to our market in 2020.

Both engines will drive all four wheels. Expect a rear-wheel biased drift mode configuration too, as AMG has become expertly skilled at tinkering with Mercedes-Benz’s 4Matic system to deliver safe thrills for the ambitious driving enthusiast.

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