Land Cruiser retiring in March

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 60

Rush for Cruiser 200s might start in January. 

Toyota’s industrial engineers have started planning the retooling of its Land Cruiser 200 production line.

Perhaps the most iconic vehicle that Toyota produces, the current Land Cruiser 200 has been in production since the mid-2000s. It has changed little over time, with Toyota merely adding infotainment and driver-aids as they have become available.

The core Land Cruiser 200 values haven’t altered much over time. Whilst its rivals have mostly transitioned to a monocoque configuration the Land Cruiser 200 remained a ladder frame. Its huge 4.5-litre V8 turbodiesel engine might never have been the most powerful in its class, but its reputation for durability under all conditions, and using all fuel grades, has been tremendous.

This is all coming to end, soon. Toyota will be winding-down Land Cruiser 200 production, with a scheduled last unit assembly date diarised for the end of Q1 2021.

As customers anticipate the end of lifecycle for Land Cruiser 200, demand for these Toyota luxury adventure vehicles has soared. In some markets, orders for Land Cruiser have increased by more than 20%.

There is no question that many loyal followers of the Land Cruiser model range, which has some of the most dedicated customers around, are fearful of what Toyota might deliver with the replacement.

For many, the 4.5-litre V8 engine has been a strong product feature and not even Toyota might be able to resist downsizing for much longer. The expectation is that a smaller engine will power the Land Cruiser 300, which could test the allegiance of Toyota’s traditional ‘Cruiser customer base.

Toyota is planning to have its new Land Cruiser 300 launched and available at dealerships toward the end of 2021, which might leave an uncomfortable gap in the market, for a few months. The Land Cruiser 200 is hugely popular amongst local buyers and a few months in 2021 without any supply, could see some downgrade to the new 150kW Prado diesel.

As with any popular model at the end of its production run, Toyota is expected to market a special edition of the Land Cruiser 200, as it matures and retires in early 2021.

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