Lamborghini releases Off-Road pack for Urus

Lamborghini has released a special Off-Road Package for its Urus SUV, meaning you really can take your sports SUV offroad. Check it out!

The thought of taking the Lamborghini Urus offroad may sound a bit crazy, but it now can be done without risk of damage to the vehicle. Lamborghini has introduced the 'Off-Road Package', which enables Urus owners to venture off the tarmac with confidence.

The Off-Road Package for the Urus comprises some visual changes in the form of steel reinforcement on the bumpers, brushed steel exhaust tips and a change in ground clearance. The Urus also features metal underbody protection.

The Lamborghini Urus with Off-Road Package now offers up to 248 mm of clearance, which is 35 mm more than the standard model. 248 mm is an impressive amount and you should be able to clear many obstacles. 

With the Lambo Urus now sitting higher, the approach and departure angles have changed and they're now rated at 27.9 and 28.3 degrees respectively. The standard model can only offer up from 20.3 and 26.8 degrees. This means you really can go up and down a steep mountain, if you really want to. Lamborghini has also made an all-terrain tyre available for the 21-inch alloy wheels and finally, there have been modifications to the driving modes. 'Terra' and 'Sabbia' offer more grip on slippier terrain such as grass, sand or mud, while Neve is perfect for those snowy winters. 

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